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I'm not emo!

2009-08-09 07:29:35 by Snikaz

Well I've decided it's time for me to do something with my hair, so I dyed it black.
No I'm not emo, I just thawt it would be cool for a change (and I'm in a post-hardcore band) :D

I've Sustained Critical Damage

2009-05-31 04:39:07 by Snikaz

Yes, I have broken my arm. An artists and musicians wort nightmare, I have my cast on for 4-6 weeks and I'm about 2 weeks in now. So now I can't play any instrument for a while (apart from my ukalele which I can play without my arm hurting). So how did it all happen??
I was playing soccer in my P.E. class when some dumb **** decided to kick the ball at me. It hit my palm which squashed my wrist shattering my radius at the upper forearm.
That is all.
- Snikaz

I've Sustained Critical Damage